Flower's Cove Hike 'n' Picnic     

A fun family or group outing....an experience you will thoroughly enjoy!!!!! 

"Flowers" is a generic term used in Italian for any rock just appearing on the surface of the water.  Just off of Flower's Cove are shoal outcrops of rock formation or "flowers."  It is assumed that Flower's Cove was named this by early settlers of the 1700's for this very reason . ​Flower's Cove is approximately 1.5 kms south east of the quaint little outport of Maberly.  The duration of the session is 3-5 hrs, sometimes shorter or longer, depending on conditions or what the customer wants.  While hiking along the trail you can view and take pictures of spectacular scenery the breathtaking rugged coastline has to offer.  The inconsistent topography is made up of different ecosystems populated with a diversity of flora and fauna.  On times it is also quite possible to spot wildlife such as whales and various avian such as the Bald Eagle.  The picnic site "Flower's Cove," is  a beachy inlet sheltered by cliffs on each side.  

Come and allow yourself the opportunity to have an amazing experience of a small, but stunning piece of Canada's most easterly coast.  Work up an appetite on the hike and be ready to enjoy a good 'ole' fashioned Newfoundland picnic of homemade food with a cup of tea made over a fire on the beach.  "There's nothing like a cup of tea in the great outdoors."  Also, while  relaxing at the Flower's Cove destination, you can refresh your feet with a little dabble in the cold but pristine Atlantic ocean.


                                                     Order Of Events

1. While hiking along the trail we will make several stops to identify various plants such as Newfoundland's 

provincial flower "The Pitcher Plant."

2. We will be taste testing edible berries when in season, and even pick some to take home if desired.

3. We will tell stories of our ancestors and how they utilized nature's resources. It will be a history and science lesson in one.

4. We will make time to view and take pictures.

5. Also, we will use supplied binoculars to try and spot animals such as whales, moose and the Bald Eagle.

6. When we reach the Flower's Cove destination, we will paint beach rocks, a popular Newfoundland trend.

7. At Flower's Cove we will demonstrate, a traditional Newfoundland boil-up (Picnic) over an open fire.

8. While waiting for the meal you can also do some fishing, in the freshwater steady at the cove,with supplied fishing gear.



- Old fashioned Newfoundland style baked beans, 

- Fried bread dough (know as damper dogs, flats, doughs ) 

- Fried bologna                                                                                                     

- Boiled Blueberry pudding cake served with a caramel sauce



- A hot cup of tea or coffee

- Refreshing ice water.


- Comfortable hiking footwear

- Sunglasses

- Hat

- Fly repellent

- Suitable clothing for the weather

- Hydration

- Small high protein snacks 

- Camera


- Binoculars

- Walking stick

- Container for berries

- First Aid Kit

- Art paint

- Art brush


- Able to walk over 1 km

- Physically fit

- Children can attend, but have to be able to hike long distances and under care of an adult

- Not recommended for toddlers or infants

- Welling to sign a waiver



Children 12 and under $25.00 (only suitable for children who can walk long distances)

Teens 13-15 $35.00

Adults $50.00


- First Aid Certified

- Hospitality and Tourism Diploma

- Natural Resource Tech. Diploma

- Geographical Information Systems Diploma

- Experienced Outdoors person  who is native to the area and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the hike

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Some Nearby Attractions




Puffin site, Elliston

Root Cellars, Elliston

Sealers Memorial, Elliston

Sandy Beach, Elliston

Historical Town of Bonavista

Cape Bonavista light house and John Cabot

Historical Trinity

Port Rexton Brewery

Kings Cove light house, Kings Cove

Why Choose Us

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Quality Service

-Experienced, knowledgeable guide native to the area

-First aid certified

-Easy walking trail

-Hiking sticks provided

-Delicious traditional food

-Delicious, refreshing wildberry juice slushy

Easy To Book

text or call  1-709-468-6318 

 email [email protected]  (will accept e-transfers)

Clean and Safe

-Safe distance from the trail to the edge of coastline

-Clean salty fresh air

-The guide equipped with source of communication in case of emergency

-A first aid kit accessible

-Pristine landscape

-Easy hikable trail


Call or message for a hike and picnic quote

Kerry Russell


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My background includes a diplomas in Hospitality and Tourism, Natural Resources,  and Geographical Information System education coupled with experience in aerial photograph interpretation, field truthing and surveying of the Newfoundland Boreal forest.  I also have quite amount of experience in the Newfoundland Fishery as a dockside observer. Currently I work in nursing, as a PCA, with Eastern Health. I am new to the tourism industry, but very excited to see what it is going to bring.  Along with the hike and picnic venture, I will be offering a vacation home which can be viewed on www.airbnb.ca